Hello everyone! My name is Beth Ramirez the founder of Women with wings! I founded Women with wings on August 11, 2021, in hopes of just adding a little more encouragement to women aviators, but it quickly surpassed my expectations! I now have an ambassador program, mentor/mentee program and gave out a Women with wings scholarship! I am part of the 7% of pilots who are female and part of the .02% of pilots who are Latina. I am currently a commercial pilot with my multi add on and instrument rated. I was exposed to aviation through my dad who was a C130 pilot for the marines and who is now a first officer for southwest. I hope to one day fly for southwest just like him.

Growing up in El Paso, was a great experience for many reasons some being, the climate, the people, and the scenery. When I’m not 100% focused on my flight training or/and women with wings. I enjoy painting and competing pageants. I sell all my artwork and do art shows when I can. As for pageantry I started that hobby in college, its super addicting but I enjoy every minute of it.

I’m so happy I get to share all my experiences with you through my new Women with wings Blog. I’ll be posting new blogs every week about flight training, the ambassador program, airshows and more!