About Us

Jeff and Jennifer Lively, Owners of Lively Aviation

Jeff and Jennifer Lively created Lively Aviation to help develop pilots become more knowledgeable with the regulations. During flight training, Jeff wanted to make learning the FAR/AIM easier but also wanted to help other pilots learn the regulations. Thus, the tabbed FAR/AIM came to be. The Lively’s have a deep love for aviation, as it runs in Jeff’s blood and Jennifer fell in love with it as well ever since they began dating over 10 years ago. Jeff and Jennifer run the day to day operations at Lively Aviation.

“We are extremely blessed and grateful for what God has brought into our life. Whether it be from our team members to helping the aviation community, Jennifer and I are excited for what the future holds and we look forward to helping thousands of more individuals on their own personal aviation journeys! Blue skies and safe flying my friends!” -Jeff Lively Jr.

Beth Ramirez, AMEL, Commercial Pilot, and Instrument Rating

Beth loves working at Lively Aviation because the environment is filled with extremely motivated Aviators and she loves her bosses and co-workers. Her dream is to be a Southwest Airline pilot just like her father.  In her down time, she loves to paint as well as compete in beauty pagents.

Peyton Hacker, Commercial Licensed Pilot / Instrument Rated

Peyton has always been passionate about aviation. Growing up his family lived next to an airport so he would frequently ask his parents to go see the airplanes. By the time he was a Junior in high school, he knew he wanted a career in aviation. After college, he wants to continue his aviation career in the corporate sector as a pilot. Peyton loves working at Lively Aviation because he knows he is working on something that will help fellow aviators into the future. This helps keep him pushing forward during those long workdays, but on his days off he likes to hang with friends and roommates playing basketball, disc golf, and tennis.

Noelle Smith, Commercial License ASEL/Instrument Rating ASEL, CFI-I
Team Manager of Lively Aviation

Noelle wanted to be a pilot ever since she was a kid. Every year she would watch the Forth Worth/Alliance Air Show from her house, and once she went on an airplane to visit her grandmother in California and the Captain let her go into the cockpit! She’s loved airplanes and aviation ever since. Noelle recently achieved her CFI-I rating and is now instructing at Universal Flight Concepts in Waco, TX. She hopes to eventually become an international airline pilot.

She loves working with Jeff and Jennifer at Lively Aviation and also loves her job because of the relaxed work environment and the special friendships she has made with her coworkers. On her time off Noelle likes to hang out with her friends and play video games, the piano, and also write music.

Scott Harton, Private Pilot ASEL

Scott is from Longmont, Colorado, and is currently a Private Pilot. Scott got into aviation because of the connection it has to the world. “Aviation is more than just being in the air, it’s about networking and the love of the skies.” Scott’s goal is to become an Air Force Fighter Pilot. Scott has the desire to serve his country because of his patriotism and looks forward to flying for the Air Force. The one thing he likes most working for Lively Aviation is the people he is surrounded with, as well as the dogs who are there for encouragement and stress relief. Outside of Baylor University and his studies, he enjoys playing the piano and throwing a frisbee with friends.

Aaron Lynch, Commercial License AMEL/Instrument Rating, CFI-I

Aaron is from Tomball, Texas and is currently a commercial, multi-rated pilot with instrument privileges. Growing up he lived by KDWH, his mom was also a flight attendant, so he was constantly around aviation! Ever since his young age he grew closer to it and hasn’t looked back. His long term goal is to fly for a major airline carrier. One of his favorite things about working at Lively Aviation is being able to apply a passion for aviation that gives back. Knowing that he is making a product that will help someone grow their aviation career is extremely rewarding! During Aaron’s off time, you’ll find him hanging out around his fraternity friends working out or watching any sports game!

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Lexi Gonzales; Commercial Licensed Pilot, Instrument Rated, Certified Flight Instructor

Alexis Gonzales is from Simi Valley California. She is a commercial licensed, instrument rated, certified flight instructor. The reason she got into aviation is because she wanted to help people as well as gain new perspectives on a daily basis. Her ultimate goal is to work for the airlines and do some corporate flying. She loves working at Lively Aviation because of the atmosphere and the flexibility with school/flying. She also loves that she is bringing so much value to the aviation community through the products. When Lexi isn’t at school, flying, or working, she loves to travel (still soaring through the air)!