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SiriusXM Aviation

SiriusXM Aviation delivers superior weather and related information so you have confidence about what’s ahead to make the best decisions inflight.

Also, follow them on Instagram @siriusxm_aviation as they are constantly updating content for their followers. Check them out and let them know Lively Aviation sent you!

Flying Eyes Optics

Flying Eyes Optics are our choice for aviation sunglasses in the cockpit and they should be your option too!

No pain or noise leakage

Micro-thin temples make our glasses comfortable to wear under headsets and helmets, no matter how long you wear them; while ear pads wrap completely around the millimeter thick material, enabling virtually zero noise leakage.

Virtually unbreakable

Made from Resilamide™ — an uncommon, rather expensive, aerospace polymer — which allows us to engineer our frames to be unbelievably thin and light, while also virtually unbreakable.

Optimum optical clarity

Our lightweight, impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses offer optimum optical clarity and 100% UV400 protection with a multitude of lens choices, including polarized or non-polarized.

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Victory Aviation Supplies

Providing aviation supplies in and around the DFW metroplex. Inventory is expanding daily. Currently providing various Phillips and Aeroshell oils, Avblend, Camguard and more to come!

Located at KDTO (Denton Municipal Airport), they are quickly becoming the go-to pilot shop in the DFW area.

The tabbed FAR/AIM from Lively Aviation is sold at this location! Fly into KDTO, visit Victory Aviation Supplies, and let Kevin or Mariah know that we sent you!


As private pilots, we at PlaneEnglish know the struggle many students face trying to learn how to master radio communications. It’s one of the most important aspects of flight training. Yet it often gets the least attention.

Learning communication in the air and repeating phrases given by an instructor, doesn’t build confidence. And it can overwhelm a student focused on a hundred other things (like flying the airplane). More importantly, rote memorization doesn’t teach you how to respond quickly, and confidently, to the rapidly changing situations you may find yourself in while flying.

There are other resources that broadcast airport frequencies and explain aviation communication. But people learn best by practicing, in real time, under myriad circumstances: on the ground, approach, or departure; at different airports; and with variable weather and pattern traffic. So in 2018 we founded PlaneEnglish to create ARSim Aviation Radio Simulator, an Android and iOS app launched in 2019 and dedicated to helping pilots master the aviation radio outside of the cockpit and the classroom. For about the price of 5 minutes of flight time, ARSim provides students with superior, engaging, real-world comms training that can be completed at their own pace or as part of a formal ground school curriculum.

While ARSim has really taken off, PlaneEnglish is evolving to offer even further enhanced communication training. In August 2020 we published a manual to vastly speed up student pilots’ mastery of Air Traffic Control communications, especially as part of formal ground or flight school instruction. Used alone or as a companion to ARSim, The Easy Route to Aviation Radio Proficiency: VFR Training Manual with Activities Using ARSim Aviation Radio Simulator offers even more in-depth information about phraseology, procedures, and scenarios that parallel those in our app-based simulator.

Much more is in the works. And it’s all driven by our shared goal of making pilot training accessible and interactive, so pilots have the opportunity to master the skills necessary for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable flying.

Click the link below to order PlaneEnglish!

Use the code: LIVELY at checkout for 10% off!

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If you are a beginning pilot and are not sure exactly where to start, we recommend visiting! The website promotes multiple options on getting started with your flight page and can be described as kind of like a dating service, except they try to pair you with the right training!
Also, follow them on Instagram@LearntoPilot as they are constantly updating content for their followers. Check them out and let them know Lively Aviation sent you!


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